Calcium is essential for every age-group. During the growing years calcium supports healthy bone development and supports full height potential. Calcium supplement is important to maintain healthy bone mass for adults as calcium absorption reduces with the offershand-picked calcium supplements in Canada.Apart from bone health, Calcium is essential for teeth, blood clotting, transmission of nerve impulses and healthy heart regulation. Women require an excess of calcium especially during childbearing age.Check out more information about the crucial role of calcium in woman’s body.

Symptoms of low calcium can include muscle cramping, tingling, spasms and more dangerously seizures, or heart palpitations. Calcium is said to require high levels of vitamin D for proper absorption through the gut lining. Increasing your vitamin D levels can help calcium absorption into the blood. Studies show that of older adults require adequate calcium to slow bone loss and reduce the risk of fracture.Osteoporosis is caused due to calcium deficiency and vitamin D. We offer carefully curated selections of calcium supplements with Vitamin D at our online health food store in Canada.

Calcium Supplements in Canada

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