Zinc is a requirement for human body for DNA synthesis, immunity, metabolism and growth. It reduces inflammation, zinc is also important for wound healing. Zinc has been beneficial for the symptoms of diarrhea and cold. Low zinc levels can be associated with male infertility, sickle cell disease, HIV, major depression, and type 2 diabetes, and can be fought by taking a zinc supplement.Moderate zinc deficiency is associated with disorders of the intestine which interfere with food absorption (malabsorption syndromes), alcoholism, chronic kidney failure, and chronic debilitating diseases. Groups at risk of zinc inadequacy are vegetarians, people with gastrointestinal disorders, pregnant and lactating women, older infants who are only breastfed, people with sickle cell disease, alcoholics. Zinc plays a major role in reducing the severity and duration of common cold by directly inhibiting rhinovirus binding and suppressing inflammation. There are many zinc supplements available to support good health. We carry hand-picked selection of zinc supplements online in Canada.

Zinc Supplements in Canada

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